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  • My childhood crush was and still is Dwayne Johnson!
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    1. I am a Plant Mom; I have a money tree and 2 pothos plants.
    2. I am a Author, I wrote a memoir called Mangoes In The Rain.
    3. My favorite self care routine is having “me time” in the soak tube, using Lavender essential oils of course:)
    4. I am a Avid reader of Nonfiction, Philosophy and Spiritual books. A few of my favorite authors being Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor and Earl Nightingale.
    5. The earliest memory I have of being organized was in Kindergarten! I remember in class during the Christmas holidays, there was a contest for decorating the best Gingerbread house in all of the kindergarten classes. I won:) The teachers were impressed with how attention to detail my gingerbread house was decorated. I will always remember it! I was a professional organizer in the making.
    6. I am Spiritual, I converted to Buddhism from Christianity in 2015. I thrive on Mindfulness and Meditation.
    7. I am a Pescatarian.
    8. Lavender is actually my middle name, I had it legally added to my name early this year:) I prefer to be called Lavender or Chinamelum.
    9. Gala apples are my favorite Fruit.
    10. My childhood crush was and still is Dwayne Johnson!