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henceforth known as “Client.” Client and Organizer agree to the provisions of this Contract as they apply to the services rendered by Organizer, detailed below: 

The Organizer will provide professional organizing services that can include but are not limited to the following items: Consulting, Sorting, Decluttering, Purging, Purchase of Storage Solutions, Labeling, Filing, Categorizing, Donation Removal, Electronic Organization, Unpacking Services, Home Staging Services. 
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This Professional Service Agreement Is An Agreement Between A Contractor Who Will Provide Organizing Services And A Client. This Agreement Does Not Have A Specific Completion Date But Is For A Specified Project. The Project Will Be Considered Complete When The Allotted Package Time Is Completely Used. The Organizer May Use Her Own Discretion And Skill To Determine Periods Of Time And Details To Be Done For The Project. This Will Be Clear At The Commencement Of The Project Between The Two Parties. Once This Service Agreement Is Signed It Will Be The Binding Contract For Both Parties To Fulfill The Agreement. 

  1. Payment

Payment Is Due Before Services Begin. Payment Forms Accepted Are Check, Cash, Zelle, Venmo Or PayPal. All Checks Shall Be Made To Chinamelum Menakaya And/Or Lavender Organizes L.L.C. Credit Cards Are Accepted On The Website At Www.Lavenderorganizes.Com Under The Menu Tab That Is Called “Price Packages & Payment” Simply Click The Desired Package And Follow Prompts For Payment With Credit Or Debit Card. It Is Also Agreed That The Purchase Of Any Sorters, Drawers, Baskets, Or Organizers Of Any Kind, Be They Decorative Or Functional, Are The Responsibility Of The Client. Should The Organizer Make Purchases Of This Kind, The Expense Will Be Reimbursed By The Client, And The Hourly Rate Will Be Paid For Time The Organizer Spends Shopping.

  1. Process Ownership

Regarding The Purging, Sorting, And Organizing Of Items, The Client Maintains Process Ownership. Organizer Recognizes Items As The Sole Property Of The Client, And Though Efforts Will Be Made To Help Purge When Needed, It Is Hereby Stated That The Final Decision On Such Matters Belongs To The Client. 

  1. Photographs

For Each Room/Space Organized, Organizer Will Take Both “Before” And “After” Photos. These Photos May Be Used In The Organizer’s Publications, Including But Not Limited To The Website And Pamphlets. Client Agrees That Photos May Also Be Used For Organizer’s Publications/Website, Provided That Client’s Name Is Not Linked To The Photos In Any Way.

  1. Missed Appointments

Missed Appointments In Which Client Does Not Call Organizer A 24 Hours Before Scheduled Start Time Are Subject To A $50 Fee. This Only Applies To Hourly Sessions, Not Organizer Packages. For An Organizer Package That Is Pre-Paid, You Are Allowed 2 Cancellations Before A $25 Dollar Charge Will Be Applied To The Account.

  1. Outcomes

Project Outcomes Depend On Client Willingness To Purge And Donate When Needed, And To Properly Organize And Maintain Items. Long-Term Maintenance Of Organization Hinges On Client Commitment To Maintaining The Order, And Quantity Of Items The Space.

  1. Confidentiality

Client Recognizes That Entering Into This Contract With Organizer Means That Organizer May Be In Contact With Personal Items And Information. Organizer Agrees Not To Divulge Any Of This Information And To Maintain The Highest Standards Of Confidentiality And Respect For The Client’s Possessions And Home.

  1. Term And Termination

This Agreement Shall Be Effective On The Date Hereof And Shall Continue Until The Completion Date Unless Terminated Sooner. If The Client Terminates This Agreement For Any Reason Before The Scheduled Completion Date, The Client Will Reimburse The Organizer For All Outstanding Fees And Out-Of-Pocket Expenses. A Package Cannot Exceed 8 Months, Unless Discussed Prior To The Contract Signing.

  1. Relationship Of The Parties

The Parties Acknowledge And Agree That The Services Performed By The Organizer, Its Employees, Sub-Contractors, Or Agents
 Shall Be As An Independent Contractor And That Nothing In This Agreement Shall Be Deemed To Constitute A Partnership, Joint Venture, Or Otherwise Between The Parties.

  1. Assistant And Subs

The Parties Acknowledge And Agree That The Services Performed By The Organizer, Or Her Assistants, Is Valid As Organizer Hours. If The Founder Brings An Assistant With Her And It Is Approved, The Client Will Pay 2x The Hourly Rate Agreed Upon In The Contract.

  1. Cancellation

Both Parties Acknowledge And Agree That Services Purchased By The Client Are Non-Refundable. If In The Event A Cancelation Is Needed, Arrangements Will Be Made By Both Parties To Reschedule The Session(S) At A Later Date. Rescheduled Sessions Must Not Exceed 8 Months From Project Start Date. 

This Agreement Is Legally And Willingly Entered Into By The Parties Listed Below:

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