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Is your home Dirty or Disorganized?

If it’s Disorganized,
Lavender Organizes would love to help you!

If its Dirty, please hire a house cleaning service

There is a huge difference between homes being disorganized versus being dirty.  As a professional organizer I enter about 4 to 7 homes during the week for walk through consultations.

I feel like I’ve seen it all, until I see that home. You are probably thinking what do I mean?

Here, let me explain myself a bit thoroughly;

A Dirty home means there are dried spills and food on the floor, dirty clothes and trash are scattered on the floor, food still in plates that’s in the sink, when you walk in the house there’s a smell.

Unfortunately, I have been in dirty homes that resemble what I mentioned above.

On a positive note 80% of homes I enter into are clean, just very disorganized.

A disorganized homes means, clutter in spaces or everywhere, books kind of all over and not in a designated area such as a book shelve, mail and cardboard boxes from Amazon that’s been on the kitchen countertops for about a week.

Pretty much there is no function to the items that are in the home, so it’s hard to find what you’re looking for.

In these homes, there’s no trash scattered on the floors or dried liquids on the floors. The home is clean but just not functional nor organized.

I have noticed that during my consultations my clients will say they are dirty and they knew it was time to hire a professional organizer and I like to let them know that.

First of all Professional organizers do not clean homes, and second of all your home is actually clean it’s just disorganized. They tend to feel a bit better after that.