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Happy Memorial Day!


I wanted to discuss some of the most Frequently Asked Questions I get asked on daily basis;


Q. How Much Does it Cost?


A. Before I can answer that question, I would need to know are you needing one bedroom organized? or the garage or the entire home? The reason is most Professional Organizers including myself do estimates by project. So before asking for cost, give us more information and send photos or be ready to schedule a Consultation.


Q. Can you clean my home and then organize it?


A. No. I was shocked by the amount of times, I’ve been asked this question. A Professional Organizers job is to organize, create functional floor plans, personal shop for organizing items such as baskets and bins. You are responsible for cleaning your home or simply hire a cleaning service.


Q. Why can I not pay in monthly installments?


A. Professional organizing is not a layaway service, paying in full depending on the size of package you purchase can save you anywhere from $100-$800+ and you have the advantage of choosing and scheduling further out on the Lavender Organizes Planner from the day payment was paid to a full year out. Meaning from the several calls and other bookings I get daily, your scheduled dates are saved for you. Your Welcome:)


Q. Do I have to go shopping every time I need a plastic container or basket?


A. No, As your professional organizer, I would measure the space first, and all of the other rooms, kitchen and other spaces your needing help with then find all of the items, based on my measurements and send you the exact links for you to purchase them online or I will personally go to the home decor store to purchase them for you.


Q. Do I have to pay for the storage racks and organizational items needing to organize my space?


A. Yes. The storage rack and bins I suggested you needed in your basement for example, is for you not for the professional organizer. When I go home after our session is over the storage rack and bins will be staying in your home to help keep you organize.


Q. The package price I am needing for my home, will the cost change for my participation with helping you?


A. No. The reason why you called a professional organizer in the first place is to get rid of unwanted clutter that’s been staying in your home for months to years. You have had all the chances to do something about it. But, in the end you knew you needed help, so though I appreciate you asking for help but just because your paying us to do it, doesn’t mean we should take your help out of the cost we’ve quoted for you. The organizers are the brain behind the magic, with our guidance we can change your space to an amazing space.


Q. Do I have to be involved, let alone be present, I can’t stand seeing all the clutter?


A. Yes and NO. All I ask is for my clients to be present at least within the first 30 mins, let me know the items you like or what you don’t care about. Is there sentimental items that i should keep for you? Any particulate size clothing i should keep vs donate? Once you give me a basic idea of what you want; i am good! At Lavender Organizes, my clients have the option if they want to be involved or not:)


Q. Who is your Ideal Client?


A. Lavender Organizes ideal clients are people who happily pay for what I off because they see the value in the service I provide. They are kind, easy to communicate with, they listen and there ready to Let Go of items that no longer serves them. They are Ready to live in a clutter-free environment.


I am proud to say that 90% of my cliental are my ideal clients and I am extremely grateful!