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Well, prior to becoming a professional organizer I was a nanny to an amazing & awesome girl.


I cared for her from the age of 3 months to 3 years old. The family moved away to Colorado.  The hardest part was not seeing this sweet girl daily & it was a tough transition for me. I knew that this would be the last time I ever nannied again.


Her parents & I are very close till this day prior to Covid I was making plans to visiting the entire family.


Why am I telling this story your probably wondering because I enjoyed being a nanny & when I decided to retire from nannying.


I knew that whatever I did next had to come natural to me, I was always looking for the next cool gig or some sort of creative  job.


I found this site online called TAKL, I saw people requesting the service for a  professional organizer. I decided to give it a try. I loved it and my clients thought I was very talented, some clients would tear up and others would be lost with words with the transformations I did.  I felt so comfortable and in my zone organizing peoples homes!


My client base grew, referrals started coming, by this point I was very  confident, with starting my own company and that’s what I did, next!


I would like to add; I would have never thought in my life time I’d be a professional organizer.


When I look back at my life, I’ve always been organized since age 6. My desk at school was very organized; through out middle school my clothes were always hung nicely and my outfit was ready for the next day, my bed was always made. It was my way of life.


So being a Virgo. I pay attention to small details being hangers, the way the shirts & dresses face in the closet, pretty much everything.

I am in total alignment with my job as a Professional Organizer. I am grateful!