Package Discounts


A minimum of 6 hours is required for 1 room/space. For larger rooms/spaces, such as very cluttered basements, the hours are doubled. Package discounts begin at 36 hours. For anything less, the client will be charged the standard rate of $85 per hour. Packages must be paid in full to secure the discounted rates and a spot on the Lavender Organizes calendar.


Paris 36-Hour Organization Package
was $3,060.00  Save 10%
Finland 48-Hour Organization Package
was $4,080.00  Save 9%
Greece 60-Hour Organization Package
was $5,100.00Save 10%
Dubai 72-Hour Organization Package
was $6,120.00Save 10%
Budapest 84-Hour Organization
was $7,140.00Save 10%
Nigeria 100-Hour Organization
was $8,500.00Save 9%


1 organizer-$85/Hour

Please include the hours in a note on the form of payment.
Not sure how many hours fit your need? Get a Free Consultation.

Forms of Payment:


Lavender Organizes L.L.C

For Verification: (304) 320-5595

All-Inclusive Service The following services
are included with all packages at no
additional cost.

  • Time spent shopping for supplies
  • Time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions for you
  • Arranging appointments with other service providers
  • Hauling donation items after your session (Limited to one car load per session)
  • Custom made labels 


Lavender Organizes L.L.C

[email protected]
For Verification: (304) 320-5595

All This is not for you if you:

  • Are not ready to let things go your home or get help with your home. 
  • Prefer to get projects done all at once 
  • Do not have a several hours a month to commit to decluttering or organizing 
  • Prefer to work by yourself and at your own pace. 
  • Want someone else to do it all and you are not committed to helping to create long-lasting change. 
  • Are not not consistent with the scheduled appointments and cancel often. 


Lavender Organizes offers complimentary, on-site consultations. During this time we will tour your space/home, assess the areas that are causing stress, and identify positive solutions to improve organization. 


Home Organization Services in Washington, DC

The extent of home organization sessions in Washington, DC, you may need depends on the size of your home, the number of years you have lived there, and how many family members still regard your house as their home.

Lavender Organizes offers several levels of home organization sessions, with prices based on the total number of hours over the specified number of sessions included. Named to evoke travel destinations where luxury accommodations keep everything organized for you, our packages cover organizing your home based on its size and your needs.

Call Lavender Organizes to discuss how many rooms you have that need decluttering and organization as well as your goals: Are you downsizing? Making room for grandchildren or guests? Or are you simply drowning in possessions you don’t use and don’t need? Whatever your organizational challenge, Lavender Organizes can help. Call today.