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A lot of people are infatuated with Professional Organizers/Organizing. But there are equally the same amount of people that have no idea what Professional Organizers do. I was asked this past weekend, literally ” what is a professional organizer”? I use to follow up with we Organize everything from books to clothes etc. After years of explaining it the same way, I recently decided to explain what Lavender Organizes does for people in a fun and more visualized way.

I start off with saying that hotels usually bring this assumption that its vacation time or its leisure time, why is that? Well, when we first walk into a hotel, its very organized, the bed is made, there is no clutter on the floor, there is simply a phone and clock on the night stand everything is where it should be. In the bathrooms, the body towels are rolled nicely, the wash clothes are also rolled in a organized way. It’s pretty calming, everything being where they should be.

I like to bring this image that I have just described to you into your homes as a professional organizer. I can guarantee you that you will feel calmer when everything has its own place, you instantly feel better. I know a couple of people that go on hotel vacations within there same city, I mean they live in one city but will go to the same city just to stay in a hotel for a weekend to change scenery they are tired of there disorganized homes. Professional Organizers will help you declutter your home, by sorting, purging and donating items you no longer want and we help with floor planning your space for potential organizing items like racks and bins, baskets. We also personal shop items you would need, its super rewarding to see my clients faces go from overwhelm to pure joy!

Chinamelum + Founder of Lavender Organizes