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Organize. Simplify, Elevate. Harmonize

Lavender Organizes L.L.C. 12 points of Culture

TrustworthyWe will be trustworthy, while handling our client’s confidential belongings and paperwork.

Loyal– We are fully supportive of our clients and stand with them through tough decisions.

Clients First– We put our clients first, by following through with their needs and offering exceptional service.

Communication– We will communicate properly with our clients and have the willingness to accept feedback.  

Quality- We embrace quality, we believe it is satisfying for our clients and we like the long term benefits, of using standard to above items and services.

Passion We will work with creativity while having fun and let our work speak for itself.

Diversity– We value culture and welcome all diversity’s, we choose to represent everyone.

Compassion– We operate with empathy, we listen and try to see the situation at hand through our clients eyes.

Calmness– We believe calmness settles even the worst chaotic environments. No matter the situation of the home or business, we start with calmness.

Teamwork– Behind every successful company is a powerful team. At Lavender Organizes, we choose to work as a team, within ourselves and with our clients.

Luxury– We will provide a pleasant and comfortable environment along with offering personalized Lavender Organizes Services.

Kindness– Lavender Organizes agrees that kindness makes the world a better place, we feel better and our clients will feel better through our acts of kindness.

Our Vision

Create Global Calmness through Organization.

Mission Statement

Lavender Organizes L.L.C. provides professional organizing services for home owners, renters and businesses by bringing calmness, functionality and serenity into the spaces where people live and work with compassion, kindness whilst putting clients first.

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Lavender Organizes assures a haven of serenity amidst the clutter, thanks to our best home organizing company in Alexandria VA. Embrace the change as we tailor your living spaces to mirror your tranquil lifestyle. Now is the moment to indulge in the peace and calm you deserve through our expert home decluttering solutions.


Restore our earth

Lavender organizes proudly supports Earth day