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As a professional decluttering service in Washington DC, Lavender Organizes offers a range of services suitable for both individual and group settings. Every project is unique. Whether it is your house, office space, or a separate room that needs a helping hand, our team has the right experience to face every challenge.


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Our Services

Residential Organizing

Turn your home into a place of serenity that considers all your needed calm and usability with our complete residential organizing services. With highly qualified decluttering specialist Washington DC we examine each room in detail through new methods to meet any particular client’s needs and taste.

Office Organization

As one of the best decluttering companies Washington DC, we have specialists who create personalized solutions for your office, including convenient and efficient filing systems and paper management for bad workflow. We devote ourselves to accomplishing our client’s business objectives and ensure that the work matches your ideal professional aspirations.

Moving and Relocation Services

Our company prides itself on making a transition easy and smooth through our tailor-made relocation and moving services. Our team at decluttering companies Washington DC provides professional fluff removal and organizing assistance to make the moving process easier for you. We provide pre-move decluttering, complete and careful packing, migration, and organization of the items to the new house or office.

Garage and Storage Space Decluttering

As one of your premium decluttering services in Washington DC, we can help transform your garage into a functional storage area, with all your tools, seasonal items, and sporting goods easily accessible and neatly organized.

Our Process

We have designed our process to be simple and stress-free

Initial Consultation

This free session enables us to check your space and identify what your needs are and what goals you have for it.

Customized Planning

We draw the plan based on your feedback. The plan describes the actions that should be taken to meet your organizing goals. Our goal is to make our customers’ lives better and more practical so that they can enjoy their place to the fullest.

Decluttering Session

Lavender Organizes is not simply an organization that offers the best decluttering companies in Washington DC. Our specialists are also efficient, resulting in the completion of the plan to organize your space exactly.

What Our Clients Say

Ready to transform your space? Call Lavender Organizes, one of the best decluttering companies in Washington DC , at (304) 320-5595 or fill out the form on the Contact Us page for a free consultation.

Book a Free Consultation

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Why is Lavender Organizes one of the best organizing companies in Washington DC

Personalized Organizing Strategies:

We know each house has a different goal and how the owner wants it to be. With that in mind, we make sure that we adhere to each customer’s expectations and wants. We offer the top organizing and decluttering services in Washington DC to ensure that the entire process, from the consultation to the result, is according to our client’s satisfaction.

Experienced Professionals:

We are super proud of our crew for their professionalism, so much so that we guarantee that you would find them amongst the best decluttering services Washington DC has. Our experts know exactly what process should be used and how to make your space relaxing and comfortable according to your unique taste so that you feel the most YOU there. 

Sustainable Decluttering:

One of the main aspects of our organization is that we actively participate in the realization of environmentally sound operations. Instead of thinking that they have to throw away used supplies, alternative (green) approaches are available for disposing of the waste. It is our duty as a professional decluttering service in Washington DC to not only bring up this argument but also help our clients adopt it. 

Confidential and Respectful Service: 

Our activities are driven by our ability and propensity to be loyal and trustworthy. Lavender Organizes, one of the best decluttering companies in Washington DC, is highly sensitive to our client’s needs, which is why we protect their confidentiality throughout the service.

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Ready to Transform Your Place?

Are you tired of living with clutter? Would you like to get more organized and improve your place? Let one of the professional organizing services Washington DC, help! Visit our website or call now for your free consultation. We, the professionals, are here to help you re-capture your space and allow you to enjoy a more organized and stress-free place environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Organizers use tested principles and expertise to better the lives of clients. By creating a custom organizing systems through guidance and a hands on approach to Organizing, decluttering, it’ll help individuals in residential homes and businesses take control of their surroundings, their time, their paper piles, their clothes and their lives. 

During the consultation, we aim to identify issues and problem areas in your space. We’ll discuss potential solutions, estimate the investment in terms of hours and financial commitment for our decluttering and organizing services. Initially conducted virtually, we’ve found that onsite consultations are more effective, allowing us to precisely calculate the hours and financial investment tailored to your specific needs.

Yes you do at least in the beginning. It is difficult for a professional organizer to make decisions for you.

Yes, you can schedule organizing services for as few as 3 hours at a time per sessions.

Here is the link below. Kindly checkout our pricing structure
At Lavender Organizes, we operate on a 24-hour cancellation policy. When you book an appointment with us, that time is reserved exclusively for you and becomes unavailable for others. Services purchased are non-refundable. Cancellations prompt rescheduling within eight months from the project start date.

No, Lavender Organizes travels up to 1 hour without a travel fee charge.

Lavender Organizes does their best to understand our client wants & needs in advance & during the process, therefore, unfortunately all fees are non-refundable.

While we typically prefer full payment at the prior before the first session begins, we understand the importance of flexibility. For service packages exceeding $4000, we offer the option to break the amount into two milestones. Both installments should be settled before starting of the first session. We accept payments via check, Venmo, Zelle, Cash, and major credit cards through our website.

Yes. Clients needing specific supplies will give Lavender Organizes a budget & we will provide your supplies for you.

Lavender Organizes prioritizes the safety of our team members. If your dog is well-trained and does not jump on organizers, there should be no issue. However, it’s important to consider that our organizers may carry and move heavy items. If a dog is in the entrance doorway, stepping over them could pose a safety risk. Therefore, keeping the dog in a safe area during organizing sessions would be the best practice for everyone involved.

Please see our list below: Northern VA, Alexandria VA, Fallschuch VA, Arlington VA, Fairfax VA, Burke VA, McLean VA, Fairfax County and City. Washington DC and Maryland.

Additionally, Lavender Organizes travels for out of state projects. On top of your regular organizing rate, additional fees like a travel percentage, travel and lodging fare, and a car rental will be included into your recommended investment.

It depends on the amount of actual physical clutter you have, and how quickly you make decisions. All of these factors determine how long each individual project will take. Our team works efficiently and will do our best to quote you a realistic estimated completion time. For reference, our most popular package is our 6 session package. With 6 sessions we can tackle several spaces in your home. That package is called the Finland Package which totals 48 hours. Here is the link:

No, products needed to complete your project are not included in the quote provided to you.

No, you ultimately have the final say so on what stays in your home. However, please note the more items you own and decide to keep, the longer projects may take and the more money you may need to spend to invest in products to meet your needs.

We accept payments via check, Venmo, Zelle, Cash, and major credit cards through our website.

Prior to starting, you can submit an inspiration board via Pinterest or share with me what you’re like vs don’t like. I will shop within your style and budget.

This depends on several things:

1) Quantity of your items: How much of your items are you keeping?

2) What’s your style: What is your desired style for your space?

A small, closet-like pantry can range from $200-$500+

We appreciate your interest in gaining insights into our working relationship. Unfortunately, due to confidentiality and company policies, we cannot provide direct contact with past clients. However, you are welcome to explore reviews and testimonials on platforms such as Google, LinkedIn, BBB, Instagram, and Facebook for a comprehensive understanding of our services.

To check our reviews: Click here

Absolutely! We are happy to accommodate budgets. If you opt in for a package that differs from the recommendations we give you, we will inform you of the spaces we can tackle within the preferred package.

We respect your privacy. Before sharing any content on social media, we always seek explicit consent from our clients through the contract. If you’re comfortable, we’d discuss and agree on the posting details together.

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